Dear Dr. Deanna Anderson.  Hi, I didn't get a chance to properly thank you for your excellent care yesterday down in Rosarito Beach, Mexico, so I'm taking this moment.  Please accept my most sincere praise, respect and appreciation for the surgery you performed on me.  Afterwards I realized that I was in the hands of an incredible surgeon.  I am so impressed with the professional way you handled my delicate situation, and the kindness you showed me.  This morning I am doing fine and I'm in no pain.  I am filled with hope after your installation of my final implant, and look forward to the days when I can be done with my mouth reconstruction, eat normally and smile naturally like I so want to do.  This morning my smiles are for you!  Again, Dr. Anderson, thank you so much.  I wish for you only the best! 

Sincerely, John C.

It has been a very pleasant experience. Staff are so welcoming and warm. Dr. Deanna Anderson makes one feel comfortable no matter how intense the work in my mouth is. Thanks ladies for doing a wonderful job! It's like visiting good friends with my appointments.

I have had very good professional service from Dr. Deanna Anderson and her staff every time. Her dental skills are excellent.


FIRST: I seem to have lost my dreaded huge fear of going to the DENTIST office. You gals weren’t so bad after all. You made my visits rather pleasant.  I’ll probably start hanging around your office for the fun of it.

SECOND: I LOVE MY NEW TEETH!! Couldn’t be happier. I smile much more with new found pride.  Took me a little time to remember how to smile.  Now, I’m slap’n smiles all over the place.

THIRD: My remodeled teeth have made my lips  look fuller, because now there are nice teeth behind them.

Thank you all for  my new smile!!!!!

P.S. I want to buy all of you lunch… ENJOY


I have been a patient for over four years and could not be more satisfied with the care I received from Dr. Deanna Anderson and her team. From the invisalign braces to the abutment crown to a final crown, Dr. Deanna Anderson and her team have restored my confident smile, decreased my dread of dental visits and have been very flexible with scheduling.

Thanks Grace

I found that this dental office is very thorough and patient in caring for my teeth and mouth. The dental hygienist was the best and most knowledgeable I have encountered in my years of going to dentists. Dr. Deanna is up to date on the latest equipment and concerned about each of her patients and their health.  I am very grateful to have experienced such professionalism.


What a great job! No pain and mouth feels great.


It was recommened that I have a dental implant because the root of a previoulsy crowned tooth was fractured.  I opted to go ahead the with procedure and had the root removed. Dr. Deanna had a temporary appliance made while the implant was left undisturbed. I returned to Dr. Deanna for the prosthodontia. Since this was a front tooth she suggested veneers on adjacent teeth.  The final result was well worth the wait.  I love smiling now!! Dr. Anderson and her staff were wonderful and have great attention to detail..


Much better smile, really easy to chew and bite my food and it feels great! Made me cry!!!! I can’t believe how much work they did to give me back my smile. Thank you all of you!


My teeth look beautiful. I am looking forward to having the bottom now done. For the first time in my adult life I haven’t been hesitant to smile. Everyone involved did a fine professional job. They really take pride in their work.  


It brought me from a place of depression as I didn’t think I could afford partials and would have to go toothless. Dr. Dennis walked me through with hope telling me I would be OK. The staff looked for ways to help me financially. Their gentleness and kindness was over the top.


I’m not in pain anymore. My smile is much more attractive and I know my overall health has been positively affected.  Thank you!! It has made me feel better when I smile. Very very good.


Dr. Deanna is a great doctor and she is painless. I never have any scheduling problems and if I have an emergency I can get in the same day. Very happy here with Dr. Deanna and her staff.